If your soul is my soul, then the world would be ours

Kira-kira dia inget ga ya pernah kirim aku tulisan seperti ini?
If only you knew how my feelings are true
If only you knew you are in everything that I do
If only you knew that I need you to breathe
If only you knew that you need me to see
Everything that is beautiful in life
But your pain to me is as sharp as a knife
You are killing me, why can you see?
I would give you the world, but in a moment you forget me
I want you to know that you are always on my mind
I pray so much for you that happiness is what you will find

But why am I just a ghost and nothing to you?
I always love you so much no matter what you do
All of this pain, I have been holding inside
And you forget that you knew me, 
Remember my heartbeat, my soul, and my tears
And remember that I will protect you against all of your fears
Remember that I am your angel, I will never stop loving you
Remember that I support you in all that you do
I am everything that is real and I want all of your dreams to come true
I want you to be so happy in everything that you do
I would give you absolutely everything and all of the beauty in me
I want you to love your life and to see all that I see
I want you to see the beauty of every moment in life
I shall smile when you smile and I shall cry in your strife
I am the soul that always beats so close to yours
If you asked me to give all of my life, then I would give you more
There is a waterfall that is real, but you will never taste what is there
If in what is difficult in life you use the excuse that life is not fair
Because I know, my sweet love, that we can both reach the stars
If your soul is my soul, then the world would be ours
Love life every single moment and smile each and everyday
And I will be your angel, I will take your breath away
I want the entire world for you and all that is beautiful and real
I want you to know love, my life and soul, and feel all that I feel
You have the most beautiful face in the world that I have ever seen
You are all of my reality, my thoughts, my hopes, and my dreams
You deserve everything that is beautiful in this world, from earth to the sky
And I am your angel forever past the day that I die


Penulis: adeulfah

Penghayal, banyak maunya, pekerja keras, suka kesempurnaan, menjunjung kesetiaan (sambil mesem-mesem), ibu yang baik (baca: mencoba menjadi ibu yang baik)

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